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Wheel Alignment

HAWK EYE 3D LASER Wheel Alignment

Vargalant also offers wheel alignment. As any change to a car’s suspension is only complete when the car has good driving characteristics on the road, wheel alignment must be performed. Vargalant uses the latest 3D laser technology to provide such services. We align the wheels of cars, vans and trucks.

HAWK EYE 3D LASER Wheel Alignment:

  • Provides virtual alignment options
  • Reduces the time of measuring and aligning the suspension
  • Allows precise alignment of the steering wheel
  • Allows the identification of axle offset on the vehicle
  • Ensures excellent measurement - alignment accuracy

Our excellent 3D technology (HAWK EYE 3D LASER wheel alignment device) allows us to perform the most demanding jobs on the suspension of all types of vehicles with quality and professionalism. Properly setting the suspension of a vehicle (wheel alignment) ensures greater vehicle safety while driving (the vehicle keeps direction), lower tread wear (equal wear) and lower fuel consumption.