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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about auto parts (suspension, tie rod ends, wheel alignment, etc.)

a) When can I feel the play of the steering wheel tie rods when driving a car?
You can feel the play of steering wheel tie rods by carefully monitoring wheel reaction to changing the direction of the steering wheel. If the wheels do not turn when you turn the steering wheel slightly, it is highly likely that that steering wheel tie rods have play. This type of play is best felt on roads with many holes as you may feel that you don’t have perfect control over the vehicle. You can also hear bumps, caused by bad roads, when play is greater. In case similar signs occur, a qualified mechanic should inspect the suspension and determine the cause of the problem.

b) When can I feel the play of front control arms when driving a car?
Play in front control arms - forks can appear in any of the control arms. Most often it appears at the joints of the control arm, but play may also occur in bushing (the rubber parts of the control arm). You can feel the play of the joint most easily when driving on pot holes where you can hear slight or strong hitting. Play of the joint can be also felt when quickly accelerating from standing, when the wheels do not go in the direction the steering wheel is pointing. Unequal tread wear may also show that you have been driving with play in your front control arm - fork joint for some time. In case similar signs occur, a qualified mechanic at a car service garage should inspect your front suspension and determine the cause of the problem.

c) Do you manufacture non-standard joints, tie rods, control arms, bushings, etc.?
In addition to standard products, our car part production is also suitable for manufacturing custom products. This includes products of rare car marks and products tailor-made to the customer’s specific requirements.

d) Are original tie rods, joints, control arms, etc., better than those from Vargalant?
Comparison tests at the Building and Civil Engineering Institute indicate that our products are of outstanding quality despite our competitive prices. Experience of over 30 years enables us to offer quality auto parts which are at least comparable to original parts and, in some cases, modifications of factory-made defects have even substantially improved the life expectancy of the product.

e) Are the products covered by warranty?
All our products come with a 1-year warranty regardless of the type or mileage. The warranty period begins on the day the product is purchased.

f) What are product delivery options?
There are several delivery options available. If the net price exceeds 120 euros, we offer free delivery with our own delivery service. Delivery can also be made via the national post and other delivery services in case of orders of less than 120 euros net. Delivery costs depend on the price list of each delivery service provider.