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Car service

Car and van service

We can also install all auto parts available from our production and in our auto parts store into cars and vans. The Vargalant car service has state-of-the-art equipment used to service vehicles. In addition to laser wheel alignment used to set the suspension, we also offer car inspection with computer testers, aimed at revealing any faults to individual car parts. Vargalant car service can also change tires, refill air conditioning devices and perform all other mechanic work.

Vargalant car service – preventive suspension inspection

Preventive suspension inspection and correct element setting (wheel tie rods, bushings, fork joints, control arms, stabilizer links) increase driving safety and road handling. A faultless suspension reduces braking distance, as well as brake and tire wear.

Car service for all marks

We also perform car services for all marks, regardless of age:

  • Changing oil and filters
  • Changing belts, water pumps and related belt tensioners
  • Changing braking systems (brake discs, brake pads, brake valves, brake shoes, brake callipers, etc.)
  • Refilling air-conditioning devices
  • Car diagnostics (computer testing of electric components)
  • Preparing vehicles for roadworthiness tests
  • Vehicle check-up before winter